Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pictures from the last month!

This month was filled with repairs, new homes, volcano hiking, and fiesta! 

Having our roof repaired! Built of nepa (coconut palms). 

The old home of the family we are building a new home for. (They are still living here while waiting on their new home to be built)

Excited to get a new home!! 

The start of the new home. 

This stay at home mom is making bamboo sheets for the walls of the new house. She is a boss. 

Our team impressed by this young woman's hard work. She sells each sheet for only $2.00. 

Father Joe, carrying the finished product! 

I knew my height was good for something. 

Grinding coconut for the fiesta! 

Our neighbors sell roasted pig for a living! They were very busy for the fiesta. 

Fiesta parade

Dancing for the parade 

I'm a god mother again! 

After the mass with all the priests, this was the first of many, many meals that day. 

My favorite priest! 

And his sisters! (They are the average Filipino height) 

Another meal with the principles of Holy Rosary High School

Annddd my best friends on the island- including the photo bomber, Roy. 

Gonna miss Young Bebe! 

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