Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Delopere family needs your help!

This blog was written by my awesome team member Rebecca. We are trying to raise awareness for this beautiful family's needs. Please consider donating! 

Meet the Delopere family! Elma is a first-grade public school teacher, and Renati is a stay-at-home father. They have three children - Jane Rennoit (9), Clark Reniel (4), and Johnreel (2) - and another baby due in September.

Renati, Elma, Jane, Clark, and Fr. Joe
Two years ago this family experienced terrible tragedy when Jane, then 7 years old, was critically injured. On August 2, 2012, Jane was walking past the gate at her elementary school when she was hit by a truck. She suffered a broken skull and spent 10 days in the ICU, some of that time in a coma. She has had a total of four surgeries and spent three months in the hospital, followed by a year of recovery at home.

The doctors inserted an artificial bone in Jane’s skull to protect her brain, but they are not sure whether or not this procedure was 100% successful or if it is a lasting solution. Elma told us that the right side of Jane’s head is soft to the touch, like a baby’s skull that is not yet fully formed. Another operation may be necessary for further healing and recovery.

Because the truck driver was only able to pay a small portion of the damages incurred, Elma and Renati were left with the majority of Jane’s medical bills. They currently owe P380,000 ($8,500) in hospital bills -- as a teacher, Elma earns only $400 a month, making it nearly impossible for them to make payments on these loans and still provide for the family's needs. Jane's last operation was in January, and she is supposed to have a monthly check-up, but the family has already had to miss three of her check-ups because they cannot afford the doctor’s fee, which is P500-P1000 per visit (between $11 and $22).

We asked Elma to share Jane’s story with us so that we could share it with you! Renati has begun working as a fruit vendor to provide a little extra income, but it is not enough. We assured Elma and Renati that we would pray and ask for benefactors to help with their family’s needs.

Jane (far right) with some of her cousins and my teammate Genevieve
It was touching to see how deeply these parents love and care for their daughter. Elma said, “We do not have money to spend for our child, for her security. ... I don’t care what God wants her to do when she gets older. If she is to be a sister [nun], okay!” 

Even though they have experienced great hardship over the past two years, they are not bitter or angry at God or at the truck driver. Their main concern is for Jane’s health and their family’s well-being as they struggle to pay for these expenses.

Elma and Renati were so blessed at the thought of our “friends back home” sending financial support to help them through this difficult time. Your donations will allow Jane to receive the medical care she needs as soon as possible!

Please click here to donate to my fund and write "For Jane" in the comments section to ensure that your donation will be given to the Delopere family.