Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ceeelebrate good times, come on!

Since my last post we have had a lot of celebrating to do! We've had many birthdays (including my teammate Brenana!), karaoke with many priests and the Bishop, end of the school year, graduation, senior trip, church staff party/birthday party, and just a lot of fun with our friends. These last couple of weeks have been very blessed!!

                                      Snack break on the side of the road waiting on the ferry.
                               Singing karaoke with the priests and the bishop! Go Breana!
                                         Father Joe singing "Killing Me Softly" with Breana
                                                    Thank God one of us can sing!
                              Singing happy birthday to Revise! One of the first friends we made here.
                                      Some really awesome people that we love so much!
                                        Pinning on the ribbon of one of our honor students
                           Ate (ah-tay meaning big sister) Alex is so proud! And so very large!!
                                  The rebuilding of a house that was destroyed in a house fire.
                                                   The rice fields by our balay (house).
                               Looking at the fish growing in the fish ponds built by the Church.
Father showing us the water source up the mountain
Graduation dayyy!! 
This is our family. 
Teacher picture
All of our friends woke us up at 4:00 am to sing Breana a candlelit happy birthday!
Birthday pancakes with the neighborhood kids
Loading up the Jeepnie for their Senior Trip!
Having the time of my life on the back!
and after!
Before I pushed him in.. jk.

                                                                SO MUCH JOYYY
                                                            The gang all loaded up!
                                                     Just another night at our house!
                           The guys dancing and washing our dishes for us, they're my favorite.
The group again, makes my heart happy :) 
Fun dayyyy

Heyy mom! That's Camiguin behind me.
                                                                 Love and miss you!