Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In His timing

    After a half day of travel to the other island we made it to the doctors office to be informed that he would not able to preform the Smile Train surgery this week because of a slight cough that Ganise has. Even though the surgery has been post-poned to next week, God was able to work out His plan! 

    Jona (the mom) was able to see her bother that she had not seen in a year and her sister that she had not seen in 10 years. Why the huge time gap? Because neither Jona nor her siblings can afford the $10 it takes to travel. I could not believe that the last time Jona saw her sister was when she was just 12 years old. It was such a blessing to watch them catch up for hours, laughing just like it was yesterday that they saw each other. 

Her brother (23) holding Ganise for the first time!! 

Her sister, also playing with Gansie for the first time!! 

    Although the 8 months since I left home feels like an eternity, God revealed to me how little I am suffering compared to most of the people here in the Philippines that have not seen their family members in years. Thank you Jesus for opening up my eyes a little wider. 

Please pray that Baby Ganise will be %100 healthy for next Monday so that she can receive surgery! 

God is good!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story sister! Praying for your mission and for little Gansie!