Saturday, May 24, 2014

More pics!

Our trip to the typhoon effected islands 
Stole Fathers glasses 😎

Some really cool monks!
With the Franciscan Sisters of Divine Mercy
Fathers ordination after party
Giving the neighborhood kids a ride
Didn't know I was a hair dresser did ya?

I'll post more later! Promise! 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

If He can use me, He can use you.

It’s almost humorous to me that I am a Catholic missionary. And it is probably humorous to anyone who knew me in high school or college (in the few classes that I did take before dropping out), to my whole family, and to all my friends from back home. “Alex Vidos? A Catholic missionary? That’s… interesting, never would have put those two together. Maybe the Peace Corps or PETA or that company with the horrible Sarah McLachlan commercial, but Catholic missionary?”

Yes. God called me - a stubborn, carefree, rebellious, flower child - to be His missionary. He called me, of all people, to go to the other side of the world to proclaim the Gospel and serve the poor. And I LOVE it! More than I could have ever imagined. This life - being in the center of God's will - is the most glorious and joyful life I have ever lived. To bring the people of the Philippines the light of Jesus, to give them hope makes me the happiest person on this planet. Missions truly is the BEST life! And it’s the hardest.

There are days when I don’t want to tell people about Jesus, when I don’t want to greet the people who come to our door at any given hour for food or just to be loved on, when I don’t want to live in a fish bowl or take bucket showers. There are days when I miss my family and friends so much that I start looking online for one-way flights to America. There are times when I tell Jesus that I just can’t go any longer. But right when I’ve given everything I have, He comes in to do the work through me, and that’s when the miracles happen. That’s when my stony heart starts to soften. That’s when I can start to understand why He is using me. It is not because I am the best missionary or that I have more missionary skills than anyone else. It’s because He can use anyone and is calling everyone. He is calling you, no matter how incapable you think you might be, to give up your life and follow Him. He’s asking you to put your own desires aside and love those around you, to serve the needy in your own town, church, and family.

Let us always pray for God to work through us, because if He can use me, He can for sure use you, too.