Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Little Things

10 little things about our mission 

1. Our backyard has turned into a veggie garden/mini farm! With a lot of help from some of our favorite students. Yay! 

2. We were able to provide uniforms to over 15 students (and still counting). Including shirts, pants/skirts, notebooks, backpacks, shoes, socks, underwear, pens and pencils. Don't worry- they all look great. 

3. India Team came! They shared their testimony and gave talks to the whole student body, made best friends with all the neighborhood kids, climbed a mountain (nbd) held piglets, rode a caribou, drank fresh coconut juice, and swam in the ocean. Pray for their mission in India! 

4. We handed out many foam mats, pillows, sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets to our friends and neighbors who were sleeping on the cement floor before. 

5. We brought one of our students to the hospital on a different island to have surgery on his fractured arm. Everything went well! He's a happy camper. 

6. We continue to provide rice and prayers to those who come to our door hungry. And we sometimes dance with our regulars. 

7. We are trying to set up a time to take Ganise and her mom to the main land to have surgery on her cleft lip. Through Smile Train the operation is free but, we need funds for ferry/travel expenses, meals, and a place to stay for the week. She will also need medication for after the surgery. Please consider donating! I have estimated it to be about $300. 

8. This last week Genevieve got a huge burn on her leg (it was sick) from the motorcycle, hearing this, our neighbors came right over to put cooling leaves and tomatoes on the burn. It is now almost healed! 

9. *For Mom-- When the same awesome neighbors found out the I was running a fever the whole family came over to help. The son (23) started making herbal tea from leaves that he found in our yard, the daughter (17) started massaging my head, and the mom came over with medicine and repeatedly told me to take it every 4 hours then gave me a full body massage. (It wasn't your Campbell's chicken noodle soup mom, but close enough!) 

10. SHOUT OUT to all the prayer warriors, blog sharers, and those who are supporting us finically. You are the reason this mission is possible! I can not thank you enough for your holy sacrifice. May The Lord bless you and reward you! 

(Father Joe and Gogoy say thanks too)

In Him,



  1. Love this! The garden in the backyard is awesome! Love the pic of Father and Gogoy! Send our regards :)

  2. Enjoying your blogs Alex!! And so happy that you had some nice people taking care of you when you were sick. Love you:) God bless you.